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come arredare casa in stile minimal

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5 April 2017


7 ways to decorate your home in a minimalist style

by Sara Cartelli

Or live in absence.

Absence is a term that generally is felt with a negative connotation. Basically because being deprived of something implies a lack, a deficiency.

But today I want to show you it in a different way.

Think about  a house with no frills, no mess, no stylistic excesses: what comes to mind?

A house in a minimalist style, where absence is more important than presence.

The architect pioneer of this movement – Adolf Loos – would say:

The absence of ornament is a proof of spiritual strenght

Minimalism is a movement broke out in the ‘60s – whose foundations were laid at the beginning of the century by Loos – based on simplicity of form, purity and rationality, which has influenced various art fields, especially architecture and interior design.

Decorate a house in minimalist style means prefer simplicity, eliminating unnecessary in favour of indispensable, to prefer quality instead of quantity.

So what are the benefits of an home decorated in this style?

  1. Allow you to maintain orderly mind thanks to the absence of visual distractions.
  2. Delete the stress of “where did I put it?” because everything is in its place.
  3. It is easier and faster to clean.

If you can’t wait to do “decluttering” and you are a lover of simple things, here are some tips on how to decorate your home in a minimalist style:


o1. Prefer neutral colors


The “no-color” par excellence is absolutely white. But in a minimalist house all soft and neutral colors are welcome, such as the walls and floors or ceilings.


o2. Furnish one space at a time


For an harmonious result concentrate on one room at a time. Study the spaces and synergy between the various pieces of furniture. You will avoid bad purchases and your home will thank you.


o3. Furnish “less”

come arredare casa in stile minimal12

Less is More. No to hasty and impulsive purchases. Prefer few functional elements and quality. The end result must be airy, with the overall dimensions reduced to a minimum. The center room furniture are only allowed in open space or loft.


o4. Choose innovative materials

come arredare casa in stile minimal12

Prefer new generation materials, technological, durable and easy to clean. Yes to resin, concrete, metal, Corian or Okite.


o5. Illuminate

come arredare casa in stile minimal12

Make sure that your home is always well lit both day and night. Prefer white lights, similar to sunlight, and arrange them carefully in each individual space.


o6. Decorate with the essentials

come arredare casa in stile minimal12

No to ornaments. Yes to paintings and photographs on the walls but they don’t have to cover more than 20% of the surface.


o7. Organize

come arredare casa in stile minimal12

Divide your storage space and organize it with containers, dividers and labels. In that way everything will always be in place.


These are the rules for an house in perfect minimalist style.
Of course the rules are made to be broken…


Cover image via design-milk.com


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