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come arredare casa in stile Hygge

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29 March 2017


9 ways to create Hygge at home

by Sara Cartelli

Hygge, the Danish recipe for happiness, it’s applicable in all areas of life, even at home.

Living well in a cozy house is not a thing we just can do, rather we have to do it.

Everything is summed up in one word “Hygge“, the Danish term that encompasses a lifestyle, a mood, a new way of seeing things. It’s hygge create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, it’s hygge a convivial meal with family or friends, it’s hygge sip a cup of hot coffee, it’s hygge read a book on the couch wrapped in the warmth of a blanket. Hygge is living happily enjoying the pleasure of little things that we often take for discounting.

It’s an art that can be applied to our whole lives and therefore our house.

Yes because it is not that difficult to create Hygge at home. No need for huge expenses, but only a few tips.

Here some tips on how to create Hygge at home:


o1. Create an Hyggekrog

come arredare casa in stile Hygge1 – 2

Find a small comfortable space that is all yours, where to stay huddled under a blanket drinking hot chocolate or reading a good book.


o2. Farewell to the excesses

come arredare casa in stile Hygge1 – 2

The imperative is few but good. Eliminate all the clutter in your home and in your head. A few pieces of furniture and elements of home décor, carefully chosen, will surely allow you to live in harmony in your space.


o3. Heating and lighting

come arredare casa in stile Hygge1 – 2

Lighting and heating are essential to feel comfortable at home. Choose warm and cozy lighting especially in the bedroom and, likewise, ensure that your home always has a great warmth. Set up the heating or when possible the stove, or enjoy the enveloping warmth of the wood burning in your fireplace or stove.


o4. More atmosphere with candles

come arredare casa in stile Hygge1 – 2

Scattered your house of candles and relax to the gloom. If you have a bathtub find time, perhaps in the evening, to enjoy a hot bath accompanied by the scent of essential oils.


o5. More pillows and blankets for all

come arredare casa in stile Hygge1 – 2

Cover your sofa, or bed, with pillows in the colors you prefer and let yourself be enveloped by the warmth of a soft blanket.


o6. Space to conviviality

come arredare casa in stile Hygge1 – 2

Create a small space in which to be together with your loved ones or your friends. A large table, inside or outside, where you can meet to eat or drink a cup of coffee is definitely Hygge.


o7. Bedroom synonymous for “relax”

come arredare casa in stile HyggeImmagine via: roohome.com

The bedroom is the place dedicated to relax. Furnish it with care, in a minimal way, keeping only the indispensable. Prefer always a comfortable bed, no to low quality mattresses, and dress it with sheets and blankets made of natural materials. Your sleeping and your day will benefit.


o8. Yes to vintage or recycled

come arredare casa in stile Hygge1 – 2

Furniture and home decor accessories with a story are definitely hygge.


o9. The memories on the walls

come arredare casa in stile Hygge1 – 2

Paintings and photographs on the walls are hygge. Allow us to dream or to relive important moments of our lives. The important thing is to arrange them carefully and in an orderly manner.


These are all small steps that don’t require huge expenses but intended to make us live well. What are you waiting for create Hygge at home?



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