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15 June 2017

eat, travel, laugh

An experience out of time: The Sanctuary Thailand

by The Rolling Forks

Koh Phangan (Surt Thani district, Thailand) has been the last stop of our trip – gift for our 30th birthday. Rumors state that this is a ‘Crystal Island’, formed on a giant Quartz crystal, reason why the atmosphere here is so different from anywhere else in Thailand (according to its inhabitants quartz has the great power of enhancing your moods).

This little jewel of the sea has everything to offer: from the wildest and most transgressive parties to yoga retreats in the jungle.
Pure Yoga Flow, in Haad Rin Bay, is definitely the most inspiring yoga course I have ever attended: a peaceful yet powerful oasis managed by Michelle, the manager and also a talented and energetic teacher that will be your guide.

In this bay we found the restaurant that stole our hearts: The Sanctuary.

You can get there only by boat and the “survivor style” path to reach “The Sanctuary” can be intimidating but I can guarantee that it will be worthwhile!

Thailand is famous for its colorful and diverse cuisine and this place is its perfect expression: bittersweet flavors perfectly integrated with spices – from Bangkok – style street food to more refined dishes of prawns, ginger and Cayenne pepper!

We have tasted the best Pad Thai ever: perfectly steamed noodles, crunchy peanuts and the freshest vegetables you can possibly dream of! The terrace of the restaurant sits right in front of the beach: a peaceful and mystic atmosphere will allow body and soul to let everything go and the traveler experience an uplifting change.

Food and nature fuse together: the taste and colors of Thai cuisine will deeply nourish your hearts!

Mind – changing is the perfect word to describe this spiritual adventure: you will be back to your life with new eyes.


The Sanctuary Thailand

The Sanctuary Thailand Koh Phangan

The Sanctuary Thailand Koh Phangan

The Sanctuary Thailand Koh Phangan

Image Courtesy: The Sanctuary
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