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28 January 2016



by Sara Cartelli

A mother, a child about to be born and the desire to raise her surrounded by unique and exciting products, created with hands and heart. This is the story of Nadia, the little Alisea and Baboo, a project born from a dream and the desire to share it. Alisea is the first client, model and critic; Nadia, architect, deals with the furniture and rooms design, while Claudia, theatre costume designer, manufactures handmade the clothing line.

Baboo Kids Design

If you’re dreaming a world of objects created to last, that bring together design and functionality, simplicity and beauty,
if you’re dreaming a world fitted for children,
if you’re dreaming a world where imagination is not dead, where fantasy is free from the interference of adults,
if you’re dreaming a more sustainable world,
if you’re dreaming a world like this… you need to know Baboo.
No flights or kilometers in the car, but just one simple click, because you know, the web has the great merit of shorten distances.

Baboo Kids Design_4


On the website you will find Baboo furniture, clothes, toys and fabrics made from them and many other companies that have decided to invest in an ethical work environment, where quality and sustainability are the masters values. I will never get tired to promote these projects, they are good for heart and soul. They are a responsive engine and a unique opportunity for the economy. We only have to disclose them. As we can. More than we can.



Baboo Kids Design_6

Baboo Kids Design_5

Processed with Moldiv

Baboo Kids Design_3

Baboo Kids Design_7

Image courtesy: Baboo
All images © Baboo, all rights reserved


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