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2 November 2016


Between earth and (dancing) clouds: CraftPatisserie

by Sara Cartelli

Mirrors, in my personal opinion, never tell the truth. They are not liars at all, but they reflect just a small part – not everything. That also depends on what you want to see on that reflection. It’s a bit like when you take a selfie. You can see yourself incredibly handsome or incredibly ugly, but you are not handsome or ugly at all, you’re simply you, at your best or your worst (depending on the day).

Look at Carla, in front of the mirror she’s both biologist and crafter. A crafter biologist or a biologist crafter, as you prefer. During the day she plays the role of science teacher at high school and those of creative at CraftPatisserie – her project and blog, that tells about her passions and presents her wonderful creations. The great thing about people is they can be surprising, because as Carla says, you can live your life

staying with one foot on the ground and one in a dancing creative cloud.

You could be this and that and still being yourself, you could be this and that and do things right, with care.

I recently discovered CraftPatisserie and it was love at first sight. I love Carla’s blog, I love the poetry of her words, I love the love reflected in her creations. Because you know, another thing I strongly believe in is that what is done with the hands instills more truth than all the mirrors in the world.

Her “fridiñe” are the perfect demonstration. Is admiration – for Frida Kahlo – that creates accessories with the style and the colors of the Mexican world. Brooches and necklaces reinterpret the sincerity and the wild and primitive beauty of this wonderful woman, adapting them to the personalities and styles of contemporary women.

Carla hopes that you can see the “joy and love she brings into what she creates.”
I say taht you can see them clearly.
This time the mirror doesn’t lie.



CraftPatisserie e le sue “fridiñe”

CraftPatisserie e le sue “fridiñe”

CraftPatisserie e le sue “fridiñe”

CraftPatisserie e le sue “fridiñe”

CraftPatisserie e le sue “fridiñe”

CraftPatisserie e le sue “fridiñe”

CraftPatisserie e le sue “fridiñe”


Image courtesy CraftPatisserie
© All rights reserved


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