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Il libro sul comodino: Fenrìs di Jean-Francois Chabas e David Sala

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24 April 2017


The book on the nightstand: Fenrìs

by Ramona Lucarelli

Are things exactly the way they seem?

The Norwegian fairy tale
Fenrìs gives its personal answer choosing carefully the words of Jean-Francois Chabas and giving us the extraordinary illustrations of David Sala.

The protagonist is a fierce wolf named Fenrìs. Fenrìs is different from everyone: with his sharp teeth, slit eyes and flaming red fur, unfortunately, he scares his own mother and his brothers.

And so, he grows marginalized, in a world that is hostile to him. At his passing the voices of Nature intonate the same choir:

“Fierce! Fierce! Here comes the fierce red wolf! “

Fenrìs is alone. His life is without any form of affections. He doesn’t know love, warmth, he only feels anger, and ferocity at least until a child arrives in the forest.

The child approaches Fenrìs innocently and without any fear. She doesn’t see what everyone sees and spontaneously gives him the gift of her friendship, a feeling of warmth, hospitality and sharing.

She is without prejudice and, unknowingly, she gives Fenrìs what he misses: a profound and special bond which he knows how to pay back, so much that she will desire to stay by his side forever.

Fenrìs’s story draws its origins from the Fenrir of Norwegian literature, from the northern world in which it is said the birth of a wolf born from the union of god Loki and a giant. Just like him, Fenrir is particular: he owns – as his father – an uncommon intelligence and also the use of the word.

In both stories diversity doesn’t make special but alone.

The little girl has no name, maybe because in the end each of us can identify itself?
She is wearing a red dress like Fenrìs’s fur, does it want to suggest us to put ourself a bit more often in others shoes?

A wonderful fairy tale, nothing is missing to meet young and old, to read together.

Reading time
A Norwegian night

Il libro sul comodino: Fenrìs di Jean-Francois Chabas e David Sala

Il libro sul comodino: Fenrìs di Jean-Francois Chabas e David Sala

Il libro sul comodino: Fenrìs di Jean-Francois Chabas e David Sala

Ph. Sara Cartelli
© The Eat Culture

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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