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9 October 2018


The book on the nightstand: Il Venditore di Felicità

by Ramona Lucarelli

In this story, happiness travels in an old crackling van.

A bell anticipates its arrival. Il Venditore di Felicità, door to door, is Mr. Pigeon and there are those who wait in line to buy their part.

But how? Can happiness be sold?

The answer is: Yes, of course! Mr. Pigeon is very organized, there are jars of all sizes: small, large and family size.

There are those who buy a large jar to share, who just takes a small one because can not afford more, who takes six because has many children, who a dozen to make Christmas gifts and who pretends not to be interested in.

In this italian illustrated book Il Venditore di Felicità it doesn’t matter how many jars or what size you buy, but all that matters is that happiness is always bought to be shared.

And perhaps for this reason Mr. Pigeon decides that happiness can’t be undesell.

This beautiful story is signed by Davide Calì and Marco Somà, respectively book’s author and illustrator.

Words remind us that happiness is desired by everyone but that everyone seeks it according to their own measure.

We want it so much that we buy it just to keep it stock (just in case it ends).

The words are immersed in enchanting illustrations with a slightly retro flavor, a magnet for the eyes.

The illustrator invites us to enter a world surrounded by the colors of autumn and populated by an incredible variety of birds (quail, titmouse, hoopoe and so on); each of them lives in a delightful wooden house perched on the branches of a huge tree surrounded by romantic lights.

In this book the happiness of the reader hides in the search for details (I challenge you to find a poetic black and white photography) because basically, you know, happiness is in little things, it’s about looking at the jar half full (or empty).

Enjoy the reading.


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a happy story of goodnight

Ph. Sara Cartelli
© The Eat Culture

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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