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12 October 2015



by Sara Cartelli

Your home tells who you are. It is a place where you feel good, a place to relax, a space in which you can transfer your personality and your creativity. It is not a matter of style. Every style is right, and it is purely a matter of personal taste. I, for example, love Nordic design mixed with elements found in antique markets. However, you might prefer the shabby style, the country or the minimal lines of contemporary design. Instead, I believe that a house is really beautiful when can convey the personality of those who live in it. I see the house as a story full of good and bad times, because even years later, you can remember that you were there on that couch, while something was going on.

So today I decided to propose this delightful pastel tones house because it fully reflects the personality of its owners, Lorsque Louise e Jeppe Fabriciu. A space that cleverly mixes simplicity and sophistication. Simplicity, because the furniture is mostly minimal, clean and pure white. Sophistication instead for the remarkable amount of decor details well studied and, especially, neatly arranged. They are the ones who give personality to the home. The posters on the walls, patterned pillows, small wooden items, candles, flowers and a bulletin board with photos of family, each of them helps to give warmth, lightness and vivacity to the location in which it is placed.

I believe you should never underestimate the details, because they fill up empty spaces, they emphasize the furniture and, in addition, they give personality to the rooms. Your personality is obvious. Because as I said before, no matter what you choose, what is important is that it represents you. In the meantime, I leave you with some pictures, and I hope to inspire you.


I dettagli in casa fanno la differenza_9

I dettagli in casa fanno la differenza_1

I dettagli in casa fanno la differenza_8

I dettagli in casa fanno la differenza_7

I dettagli in casa fanno la differenza_6

I dettagli in casa fanno la differenza_5

I dettagli in casa fanno la differenza_4

I dettagli in casa fanno la differenza_3

All images Magnus Klitten via boligmagasinet.dk



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