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14 June 2018

eat, travel, laugh

All the flavors of nature – discovering Israeli cuisine @ Neni Zurich

by The Rolling Forks

Eclectic, fascinating and colourful: we are talking about Neni (Langstrasse 150, 25hours Hotel Langstrasse) in Zurich.

This restaurant is located in one of the coolest hotel of the world: rooms are equipped with vintage polaroid cameras and music speakers plus Freitag bags to use during your stay – everything is on sale if you like!

Neni is an Israeli inspired restaurant that offers genuine and authentic flavors.

You feel carried in the Middle East at your first bite: punchy hummus (yet delicate), fluffy pitas and crunchy spring rolls.

The main dishes are enriched with aubergines and spiced meats: a jump directly in Tel Aviv while comfortably sitting in a young and friendly restaurant of a multicultural neighbourhood of Zurich.

The best thing is that Neni is not expensive considered the quality and the portion sizes that are offered!

Next door, after or pre dinner, you can enjoy a cocktail in a very fun and cool bar: the Chiconca.

Who knew that Zurich could offer this pearls?

A must if you are around!

Images via Neni Zurich – Fb
© Images Neni Zurich



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