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14 December 2017

eat, travel, laugh

Feeling at home in Milan: one evening at Gattó

by The Rolling Forks

There’s no need to mention that this restaurant’s speciality is the gattó, but it is essential to say that the potato pie’s consistency is excellent, and that the stringy mozzarella stuffing immediately brings a smile to your face, with the final touch being a milky piece of buffalo mozzarella on the top.
The menu changes every day, based on the freshest available seasonal produce. It can vary from a typical roman artichoke filled with breadcrumbs, anchovy, raisin and pine nuts on a bed of creamy beetroots, to a fish soup with calamari, tomatoes and beans, to even beetroot gnocchi with yellow tomatoes and cuttlefish.

The combinations cannot be understated, the surprise is guaranteed and the feeling of home follows every dinner.

Gattó is not a new place in Milan, but is a consistent choice.

The Rolling forks’ recommendation for Christmas is this Milanese gem. Gatto’ lights up our nights with its simple but decisive Mediterranean cuisine. It’s the place where you always want to go because it will never bore you.

Gattò Milano

Gattò Milano

Gattò Milano
Image courtesy Gattó

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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