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15 November 2018

eat, travel, laugh

Feeling at home: Osteria Milano

by The Rolling Forks

Osteria Milano was born in a space recovered from an industrial building of 1200 square meters in the heart of the Lambrate Design District, in Via Gaetano Sbodi. This neighborhood is now called Lambrooklyn.
The area is teeming with designers, artists, musicians, photographers and the redevelopment of buildings and lofts advances at a fast pace.

Stepping into Osteria Milano is like entering your own home. The owners welcome you as if they were your parents, or your friends. The menu is just what you can call “home”.

The different regional recipes from Italy, are designed to convey the feeling of clients like only a mother, or a grandmother, can do.

Valtellina pizzoccheri, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, risotto with seasonal vegetables, pappardelle with guinea fowl ragu, baked quails with mashed potatoes, wild boar, pork fillet with pomegranate, guinea fowl with chestnuts, polenta with wholemeal flour with gorgonzola and much much more.
The menu is constantly evolving and, if you look inside the kitchen, you can see the love that the chefs put in the dishes.
Moreover, Osteria Milano organizes live music during many nights of the week and also jam sessions for those who want to perform freely … yes, just like at home!

This place in Milan absolutely kidnaped our heart.

This place is mandatory to visit not just one time, but every week.
#whatwecallhome is situated in Lambrooklyn !

Ph. Osteria Milano 

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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