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5 April 2019


Floral wallpaper: hints and inspirations for the home décor

by Sara Cartelli

It had ended up with liters of solvent, a good dose of elbow grease and white painted walls. It was the nineties and the wallpaper had been banned from any living or hospitality space. A bit like the not too regretted carpet, replaced by kilometers of parquet in the most different shades. Two cornerstones of the 1970s home furnishings vanished into thin air in favor of functionality. Then, about a decade ago, something changed. The wallpaper (for the carpet there was nothing to do) has returned forcefully to the fore. Just like I said, something has changed, but what?

1970s wallpaper vs modern wallpaper

The wallpapers used in the 60s and 70s of the last century were difficult to wash and even more difficult to remove, in addition they absorbed dust and unpleasant smells penalizing hygiene and health of the rooms. Today, thanks to a constant work of research and development, we can find washable, easily removable, odorless and even water-repellent products on the market. In fact, modern wallpaper can be cleaned simply with a sponge or a damp cloth and placed in any room, even in the bathroom. Four good reasons to sweep away all kinds of doubts.

On the market you can find dozens of prints: from geometries to references to the baroque or art deco style, passing through the abstracts and illustrated patterns. But just one is the queen: the floral wallpaper. It became famous in the first half of the nineteenth century thanks to the artistic and visionary talent of the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement. The man who had the idea of ​​designing wallpaper.

Floral patterns: decorative art according to William Morris

William Morris wallpaper

If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

Beautiful would seem almost a diminutive for the decorative motifs of William Morris. Floral patterns intertwined together mixing design and art in a perfect balance of full and empty, of softness and linearity, of light and dark, of richness and lightness. Pattern of immediate recognizability whose charm, from the nineteenth century, has never faded.

Images via: 1234


Floral wallpaper: some ideas for your home

In addition to the spectacular drawings by William Morris, it is possible to find an almost unlimited variety of floral wallpapers on the market. There is something for everyone in different price ranges. Here are some suggestions:

Tropical Flower Colour In Wallpaper – MuralsWallpaper from € 31,00/m²


Alma – Carta da parati degli anni 70 €52,90 for 9,92 m²


Charlotte – Carta da parati degli anni 70 €64,90 for 12,18 m²


Understory, vinilic wallpaper – Inkiostro Bianco (price on request)


Waterproof wallpaper for bathrooms – Wall&Decò (price on request)


All you have to do is find the perfect wallpaper for you and figure out where to place it. Kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom: the choice is yours alone. The important thing, like all the things that make up a house, is that you find something that represent yourself 100%. Besides, there are very few days left to the Salone del Mobile, who knows if it holds some good news.


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