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12 July 2018

eat, travel, laugh

Ivana e Secondo: all the flavors of Northeastern Italy

by The Rolling Forks

This time we want to talk about the place where our heart belongs to : Friuli Venezia Giulia and specifically “da Ivana e Secondo”.
A restaurant that we can define a “workshop of flavours”, which represents our land and where the skilled owner wanted to carry on his family story with the aim of highlighting the Friuli traditions that always have characterized this osteria.

Da Ivana e Secondo is located in Manazzons.

The menu?

Everything starts with a series of mixed starters, a rivisitation of their origin in a modern way. Rolls of melted montasio cheese wrapped in bacon, stuffed local mushrooms, lard and cabbage rolls, crumbly basket filled with cabbage cream, spinach salad with flakes of milk and cherry tomatoes and much more.
If after all this, you will be able to continue with the first or second course… Well, you will be spoiled for choice: ricotta gnocchi with rooster ragout, taggiasche olives and cherry tomatoes, crêpes with pumpkin flowers, ravioli maison with burrata and truffle, potato frico (a typical friulian dish), a variety of meat perfectly cooked, tartare of fassona, montasio to the plate, and we could continue!

The cellar?

It will be difficult to not be impressed by the quality and quantity of the wines offered. Of course, it’s true, we’re talking about Friuli, but we never take anything for granted! The wine with which we accompanied lunch was an exceptional Friulian from the Isonzo valley with a very mineral flavor.

Da Ivana e Secondo is a restaurant that knows how to describe Friuli from the north to the south.
Manazzons, is a village perched in the heart of the most special and magical region that we know: the view from the terrace on the Tagliamento river valley is spectacular.

Friuli, here the summer is always magic for us!



© images Ivana e Secondo 


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