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24 October 2016


From the mines to jewelry of hope: Ida Onlus

by Ramona Lucarelli

Once upon a time there was in Cambodia a city named Phnom Penh.
As it happens in too many other places in the world, women and men live there with a stark reminder in their heart: they have to live with the pain of those who see shirk from the street their children, without a possible future.

But this is not a sad story because if it’s true that life can be bitter, it’s also able – just as the myth tells – to give hope: in addition to “all the ills of the world” from the Pandora’s Jar, emerges Ida Onlus. The name is that of an aunt, an important figure in the birth of the association which has recently started with love and spontaneity the project “From the mines to jewelry of hope”.

The earth with its fruits and the war with his evil instruments have given unexpectedly a glimmer of hope at the bottom of the jar: in a school with goldsmith workshops young women and men create refined and bright bracelets, rings and earrings. This project gives them not only a job but also a dignified life by acquiring technical skills, supporting the practice studying and trying to be a concrete example for thousands of young people that are still living in the street.

With the same spirit of cooperation and mutual aid we’re here to tell you this story: the purchase of these jewelry goods at one of the many Fair Trade Shops can make the difference, it may be a giant drop in the ocean, may be the swallow that make a summer.

And if you add to all that their competitive price, well you just have to go and see for yourself how much beauty there’s in that hope.

For further info and details visit www.idaonlus.org.

Ida Onlus

Ida Onlus

Ida Onlus

Ph. Sara Cartelli
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