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23 September 2015


Game of Thrones: the Google Maps versions of Westeros and Essos continents

by Sara Cartelli

Maybe you’re trying to get out of the tunnel, or maybe you’re just anxiously waiting. My friends have tried to get me into that tunnel, the one of Game of Thrones. They started with phrases like “You can’t understand”, “It is the finest series ever written”, “You’re crazy, you have to see it”, “It’s more exciting than Lost!”… and so on. But I did resist.

And the reasons are the following:

  1. I never got over from Lost finale;
  2. I am still in an emotional crisis after the first season of True Detective;
  3. I am in anxiety as well for the new season of Homeland;
  4. I hope not to become a grandmother before the new season of Sherlock.

But if you’re inside that tunnel called Game of Thrones, or your friends are, you can satisfy a little bit of your impatient admiring the Google Maps versions of Westeros and Essos continents, recreated by the designer Danny Selvåg of MongoLife. Two highly detailed maps including castles and strongholds, as well as roads, forests, mountains and almost every small town.

They are so beautiful that they have instilled in my mind quite a bit of curiosity. What do you think, do I need to start watching Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones - Google Maps Essos_1

Game of Thrones - Google Maps Essos_2

Game of Thrones - Google Maps Westeros_2


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