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30 March 2017


Gmund: the German paper mill with a romantic heart

by Silvia Blazina

Verba volant, scripta manent

Because to me, paper always had an undisputed charm.
Every time I plann a new project or a significant invitation, I choose the paper carefully. I know this might sounds weird, but the right type of paper can modify the message perception that I want to convey.
That is why today I want to talk you about Gmund.
Gmund is the paper mill that still believe that writing on paper is even now relevant.

Words that are impressed have a different weight, more incisive, durable… there is nothing to do!

Think about it: What are you more exited about, a whatsapp message or an handwritten letter?

Gmund is a paper mill with a romantic heart. From 1904, it is a family-run business made up of passionate and genuine people. Gmund is smaller that other giant firms but it’s a reference for those who love quality things like the old ones.

In the Mangfall River Valley, near Tegernsee lake, there is a cabin where 120 employees work. This is the “fairy-tail” world create by Florian Kohler that now it’s on his fourth generation.

cartiera Gmund

Gmund people appreciate and are proud of the land in which they live. It is for this reason that they minimised the consumption of natural resources and so their employment is in line with the nature.
The illegal logging is forbidden, the electricity needed for the functioning of the structure is 75% self-produced by water and solar power, the water use is 70% lower than the paper mill avarage.

cartiera Gmund

The result of this philosophy is the creation of a brand new project that reflect the Gmund paper mill spirit. A paper composed by cellulose, colourless, without artificial bleaching and toxic chemicals. “Gmund No Color No Bleach”. It is the paper in its pure form, giving the value to the natural original and primordial quality.

An authentic progressive and eco-friendly product as Gmund is.



cartiera Gmund

cartiera Gmund

cartiera Gmund

cartiera Gmund

cartiera Gmund

Image courtesy: Gmund
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