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14 September 2016



by Sara Cartelli

I’ve just never been comfortable with September. Stressful to start over again, all over again. That’s probably because I’m a methodical person (I’d like to skip all the “firsts”) or maybe I’m just a chicken. Maybe, is that  September means goodbye holidays, goodbye summer, welcome back routine. Maybe, is that I’m starting to live with memories and I face the future with suspicion. Or maybe I should stop saying “maybe” and just focus on that which really is: a chance.

A chance to grow up, for example. Building the future analyzing the past. To look at your own life, in or outside the house. To throw the futile and useless and surround yourself by beauty. I want to see September from this perspective, and that’s exactly why I decided to adjust my work/office area. I want to create a place where feeling good and work well.

I will reveal details in due time, but in the meantime I decided to set up a “wishlist” full of little useful and colourful accessories, able to bring joy to the work routine and a bit ‘of verve in the desks of all of us. Here’s my go back – gladly – to the office wishlist:


  • “Take the bull by the horns” poster → Holly Casto Design on Etsy € 10,96
  • Case-bound journal “Everything” → The Lovely Room € 16,48
  • Pencil pouch “Stay Focused” → The Lovely Room € 10,30
  • Post-it “Barbe Brune” → Merci € 6,00
  • Sleepy Eyes metal grid memo board → Metalya su Etsy € 53,91
  • Concrete pencil holder → BetonDeko su Etsy € 9,00
  • Thermal mug “But first coffee” → The Lovely Room € 16,48
  • Notes with dots → Merci € 7,90



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