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1 October 2019


Once Emerged from the Gray of Night

by Ramona Lucarelli

At first he rose from the gray of the night,
then heavy and precious
and made strong by fire
in the evening pervaded by God and bent.

Finally ethereal wrapped in blue,
hovers over snowy fields,
towards starry skies.

These words are probably by Paul Klee himself. The painter decides to paint a series of “paintings-poem” that he will only partially realize: Once Emerged from the Gray of Night (1918). If in the upper part of the composition we find in italics the verses of his poem, in the central body the letters in capital letters are placed inside squares in a colored rhythm. The two stanzas are separated by a silver strip. Words seem to acquire new depth and dimensions. Klee does not need any other visual component because it is from words that his art springs.
Today the painting is kept at Paul Klee Center in Bern.


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Ramona Lucarelli

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Ramona Lucarelli


She is an art historian, optimistic and empathic by nature. She imagines a world where sow kindness enjoying the little things. She's in love with stories since she was a child, for the Eat Culture she eats books and arts. Per aspera ad astra says the only tattoo on her skin. It reminds her that the road that leads to her dreams is not always easy but that she never gives up.

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