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7 September 2016



by Sara Cartelli

It’s always difficult to get back. Back to write in this case. I’d forgotten the sensations that writing made me feel. With a baby, time is always too short and the house is 99% a mess up. Do you know these kind of women, business women, nursing mums, perfect housewives, having a beautiful home and a sculpted physique after few months from giving birth? So, I don’t fall into this category. I write in the spare time, between a nap of 10 minutes and the other, and, at the same time, I try to keep up appearances, in other words I clean, I do laundry and I try to get presentable. In other words, I can say I have a presentable life, which is not cool, stratospheric or unbelievable… it’is simply presentable.  A life that doesn’t allow me to manage more than necessary, but I can dream and, as well, dream big. That’s why I’ve chosen for you this wonderful Spanish masonry house, located in Barcelona, ​​recently totally renovated.

Minimal, bright, balanced, rich in soul and full of details to discover. Kind of like me in my fabulous version (the one inside my head). It’s an house stripped from the superfluous, with no frills, characterized by enormous brick walls and white wooden floors in a herringbone pattern that capture the sunlight by wrapping elements of natural furniture and different characters. Yes, because here bohemian, rustic, Nordic and industrial style co-exist in an only one place.Indeed, they blend perfectly.

Because in the end, at home as in life, that’s all a question of balance and personality.
Two elements that abound in this space designed by Serrat-Tort Study architects and interior designer Marta Castellano-Mas.

Home environment are our mirror, it represents us like it or not, it tells about us. I currently live in a precarious balance, but I think I’m fantastically imperfect, just like my home.


barcelona house

country kitchen

spanish kitchen

decor details

country style living room

masonry spanish house

nordic style bedroom

modern bathroom

nordic style apartment

Images via: nuevo-estilo.micasarevista.com


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