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6 December 2017


Photographs of light

by Sara Cartelli

Light can do everything. Shadows work for me. I make shadows. I make the light. I can create everything with my camera. Man Ray

Light is the main element in photography. It characterize images, it diversify them, it highlights them. Shooting the same image at dawn, in broad daylight, on a cloudy day or at sunset produces completely different results.

Photography lives of light, of shadows, of contrasts.

Then there is the photographer’s eye, his ability to capture the moment, to see beyond the visible, to imagine.

Today I have chosen for you the works of some photographers who have been able to manage light in a personal and authentic way. They are completely different images – from portrait to landscape photography, from black and white to colour – but each of them knew how to capture me, make me forget for a moment where I was and what I was doing.

And isn’t that the role of art? Make us live an experience, make us feel something, throw us into another world (a whole new world rende meglio)?

Because, as Josef Koudelka says

If a picture is good, it tells many different stories.

Here is my selection of photographs of light and the artists who made them.

fotografie di luce
Alone together – Aristotle Roufanis

fotografie di luce
Shadows – Emil Rashkovski

fotografie di luce
Project T – Jan Urschel

fotografie di luce
Still Life – Natia Gelantia

fotografie di luce
Viktory – Dancho Konoplev

fotografie di luce
Kaleidoscope – Ekaterina Busygina

fotografie di luce
An uncommon place – Reuben Wu

Symphony of Fog – Michael Shainblum

fotografie di luce
Painted Blind – Josephine Cardin


Cover image Up North/Rocks – Andreas Levers


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