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21 February 2018



by Sara Cartelli

I’ve read so many stories where the prince saves the princess. It’s time we changed that ending.

Snow White was an animated movie that marked my childhood even though, I have to admit it, it wasn’t in my top three. I’ve always been a tomboy, so I preferred The Sword in the Stone or Pinocchio more than her and her princesses friends.
But I loved the seven dwarfs madly, especially Grumpy and Happy, and I would have brought them all home for company if I could.

Now that I am no longer a child, I must say that I have re-evaluated the Snow White. For two simple reasons.

Number one.

It is assumed that the Grimm brothers’ fable is inspired by a truly tragic story, that of the unfortunate Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina von Erthal.

Number two.

A girl who manages to survive alone in the woods with seven dwarfs is definitely one of the most badass women in history, even if nobody has ever recognized it. And that’s because the “sugary” ending.

If you too have re-evaluated Snow White like me, if you have always loved her or if you have a friend who loves her I have some shopping tips that are right for you. Some incredible creations, one more beautiful than the other, and all handmade.


Here are my shopping finds Etsy Snow White edition:

o1. Snow White art, printed on 100% cotton. / TheNebulousKingdom € 20,93
o2. “Remember You’re the One Who Can Fill the World with Sunshine” hand lettering quote ready for digital download / CoffeeCatsandKinder € 5,62
o3. Wood necklace / LaliblueShop € 30,15
o4. Original drawing made with colour pencils, ink and white pen on paper / SilElorduy € 25,00
o5. Disney princesses name list t-shirt / IHeartStuffUK € 17,51
o6. Poison Apple – candle / MapleandWhisky € 8,77


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