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9 May 2018


Shopping Finds Etsy – Poetry Edition

by Sara Cartelli

For me poetry is indefinable. It is something extremely intimate, has to do with the personal sphere and therefore is incatalogable. I am a person who is very excited in front of the beautiful, like a Fabrizio De André song, a Man Ray photo, a Andy Wharol painting or a Wes Anderson movie.

But this is what for me represents poetry.

So please excuse me if you do not find poetic some of the creations that I found for this shopping finds Etsy, although I hope with all my heart that my taste can meet yours (and can make you discover not only some wonderful objects, but also incredible artists ).

But no more talk! Here are my shopping finds Etsy (poetry edition):

o1. Midi linen dress — OFFon — € 97,00
o2. Unicorn paper cut — Lisa Jay Studio — € 66,25
o3. Original zebra watercolor painting —Artiart — € 425,88
o4. Boho earrings made in hammered brass — Havana Flamingo — € 30,47
o5. Set of two ceramic bowls — 1220 Ceramics Studio — € 47,88
o6. Mountains & Waves temporary tattoos — TTTattoodotcom — € 3,00


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Sara Cartelli


Copywriter, content creator and mum with a huge passion for photography. Writing is a therapy that allows her to express her own personality and brings out her true voice. Better than a psychiatrist. Forever trying to find her way, at the time, she prefers to get lost.

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