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Pemberley Pond interview

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15 February 2017


Talking point: art, books and craft with Pemberley Pond

by Sara Cartelli

Sisters, artists, artisans and master of Pemberley Pond house. I came across Lalla and Luisa one day, by chance, on Instagram. It was love at first sight. A stroke of artistic lightning. I could tell you many things but today I give the floor to them.


o1. Hello Laura and Luisa. First of all congratulations for your work, it’s wonderful. You are two sisters, two artists, two artisan. Luisa is a writer and is involved in calligraphy; Laura is a decorator and illustrator. When did you decide to combine your skills? How the Pemberley Pond project came to be?

Thank you very much! Verily Louise and I are a kind of “failed” twins. We are two years apart, but it has always been a small thing. We always did almost everything together and they never were any real contrasts. She is a little more organized and rational in some ways, I’m a bit ‘more distracted, despite being very similar in character and taste, for us it came quite natural to work together … although as you have pointed out, each of us have her specific field, which allows us a certain autonomy and freedom of action. Regarding Pemberley Pond project, we had a “weird” time turning up . Working for others began to go tight (12 years of school illustration may get crazy anyone) and the team with whom we had worked for years had flaked in a general feeling of cosmic pessimism. It was time to do something of our own, in which we can have full control and which we can passionate about. Jane Austen was the obvious first brick of this project because we were in love with her (and we still are) and because she was famous enough to help us promote our work. In the past we tried to create our own projects, but they were shipwrecked without ever being seen by anyone. Having known then all that we have learned in these years of Pemberely Pond, probably the speech would be different. But here we are. It been a long road, but that is slowly paying off.

o2.  Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charlotte Bronte, Lucy Maud Montgomery … you love the great classics of literature. Books are your protagonists, your source of inspiration. But how your creative process evolves? How a book gives life to the hand lettering or an illustration?

First of all it is right to say that we are focused on the classics not only because we like them so much, but also because they are free from copyright and this makes things easier. Otherwise you would see intrude everywhere. For example I (Lalla) love the genre Young Adult and can work on it would be really exciting for me. Maybe a dream for the future?
As regards the more illustrative part of our work, I really like to put a little ironic and funny touch to stories and characters. We are never too earnest (even if in some ways we are big fans of healthy melodrama) because the classics are so beloved and familiar, allowing us a playful approach. I think of them with amused affection. If I think of Darcy for example I can not sigh … I’d laugh! Colin Firth in his beautiful interpretation? I’m splitting with laughter. It’s strange? Yet I tell you with all due respect. So usually we try to have fun with our work. As for the hand lettering that populates our posters, the speech is different because of the nature of this art. Choosing a character and a style is associated with different feelings and emotions. So it’s nice to play with different ages and different characters and works features. Searching for new suitable shapes and colors it ‘s always a new and fun challenge.

o3. The world of creativity, handmade and art is going through a good period. Out there, there are a lot of wonderful projects. What would you recommend to those who is now emerging in this world?

We simply recommend to launch off into something that arises from the heart. From a real passion. I do not mean that it must necessarily create something that would flow directly from the soul, which is pure artistic impetus. For heaven’s sake, if it were so, all along. I mean it has to be something really fun, that makes enthusiastic. That makes me want to share and talk about. But, a little bit, must also be willing to wink at the business, because otherwise standing out becomes doubly difficult and doubly long. Another obvious advice is to have patience. It ‘s true that some break through in a short time, but most have to work slowly to be able to get where he wants. And finally it is a great good idea to surround yourself with people who are making the same path, they are working hard to achieve a goal. The mutual comparison, moral support and a good shake when you need a wake up, are really important.

o4. In the blog we have a column called “the book on the nightstand.” Which book would never miss on your nightstand and why?

Too difficult question! The bedside table should at least look like a library. In truth we are not passionate of frantic interpretations. Certainly the Austen’s books, that we read and reread too many times – also for business reasons. And ‘no doubt that it is very charming re-read a book years later and see how the reactions change diametrically. But in general, there are so many books waiting to be read out there, we always like to try something new. There are two books whose we refer in this very period: “Anne of green gables” and Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. What unites them? A boundless enthusiasm. Wonder and love for all incredibly infectious things.

o5. The Eat Culture is a thematic blog and this month starring “the mask”. With your work you give shape and color to the imagination and for that, for me, you are two super heroines. If you had to wear a mask who you’d like to be, if only for a day?

Lalla: I’d wear the mask of a good musician. No one in particular. It would be enough to be part of an orchestra. A really small thing! Perhaps a cellist, would be fine. I like the immediacy of emotions that music transmits and I choose an orchestra because it would be great to work with so many people until you find an energy and a common balance.

Luisa: If I were to wear a mask and be someone else, I’d probably be my favourite tennis player, Roger Federer. The game of tennis is fascinating. Within a game at a high level a player has a great game moments and moments of profound difficulties that must be overcome. Especially Federer, for his experience and his talent, provide a range of solutions that allow him on many occasions to overturn situations now seem compromised. Pushing himself to the limit of their game and their own willing. What it feels like? What do you think in those occasions? I’d like to know this.



Pemberley Pond intervista

Pemberley Pond intervista

Pemberley Pond intervista

Pemberley Pond intervista

Pemberley Pond intervista

Pemberley Pond intervista

Pemberley Pond intervista

Pemberley Pond intervista

Pemberley Pond intervista

Image Courtesy Pemberley Pond
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