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11 June 2018


The book on the nightstand: Croc and Bird

by Ramona Lucarelli

On the sand, next to each other, there were two eggs.
A parrot and a crocodile.

So begins the story designed by Alexis DeaconCroc and Bird.

Two separate yet equally eggs: they’re different because they keep a parrot and a crocodile respectively, but they’re equal because the two, in spite of their appearance, feel brothers. Who establishes that it can not be this way?

Hi Brother, Bird said.
I’m hungry, said Croc.

Together they experience the world: so delicate and docile is the parrot, as strong and adventurous is the crocodile, but this doesn’t prevent them from looking together at the beauty of the nature that surrounds them.

At that moment the sun stood up.
Look, it’s beautiful, Croc said.
I think we should sing for him, said Bird.

Croc and Bird is a delicate book that tells children that we can grow in mutual differences, that although we don’t belong to the same family of origin we can be family together.

The illustrations in pencil, watercolor and gouache bring out the magic of an unconventional story that naturally recounts the theme of adoption or more simply the acceptance of oneself.

One day, while they were out hunting, the river took them away …
in a lake full of crocodiles, near a forest full of parrots.
Croc and Bird looked at them and then looked at each other.
What fools we have been.
We’re not brothers at all, Croc said.
I think we should say goodbye, said Bird.

Similar beings or be similar? What really matters?

The difference lies in the gaze with we read our story.
What will happen to our friends? You will discover it only by reading.


Reading time
a goodnight story that sounds Croc and Bird

Ph. Sara Cartelli
© The Eat Culture

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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