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Se io fossi un libro

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29 May 2017


The book on the nightstand: If I were a book

by Ramona Lucarelli

If I were a book (written) by José Jorge Letria and André Letria is a wonder book that was born from a simple idea.

Simple as those insights arose thanks to those who can see things staring us in the face, beautiful things that most people can’t see.

So If I were a book becomes a bet to tell with poetry and images the magic of reading and giving a book by turning it from time to time following the imagination.

In the illustrations it is a pet, a suitcase, stairs, a tent, a skyscraper, a tiger, a kite, a lamppost because for the reader a good book can be anything he imagines and

the possibilities given by a book to those who read are really endless.

The book can in fact be “an effective and sweet weapon” ready to be used against hatred, war, bullying, ignorance, which the book itself would like to banish.

It wants to be collected and taken home, kept in a library to be pre-owned, shared; it would “invite a poet to dinner every time a poem illuminates the night”.

A book would like to be given without being never forgotten.

More than wondering “what a book may represents to us” we can wonder ourselves “what it can do for its reader”.

If I were a book I would have one sure thing: above all I would like to “make happy, indomitable and free the reader who choses me. “

Reading time
If I was a book …
I would be a goodnight’s book

Se io fossi un libro

Se io fossi un libro

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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She is an art historian, optimistic and empathic by nature. She imagines a world where sow kindness enjoying the little things. She's in love with stories since she was a child, for the Eat Culture she eats books and arts. Per aspera ad astra says the only tattoo on her skin. It reminds her that the road that leads to her dreams is not always easy but that she never gives up.

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