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19 June 2017


The book on the nightstand: Thirteen Reasons Why

by Ramona Lucarelli

Jay Asher writes Thirteen Reasons Why in 2007.
Ten years later, Netflix realize the same TV series and boom.

Thirteen are the reasons that led the protagonist, Hannah Baker, to suicide.

Why did Hannah kill herself?

She tells us by recording seven horror tape where every side has its own responsible.

Each of the thirteen will receive the box containing the tapes with the order to listen to them and to hand it over to those in the recording coming after. If the chain was cut off the cassettes and their content would be made public.

Many have asked me if I have already read the book – alas, no – and if it was worth doing it even after watching the tv series. So, here I am.

To those who have already seen the series I’ll give seven reasons to read Thirteen Reason Why, as many as the cassettes recorded by Hannah to tell her story:

1. Do not take me for granted … a second time

It is so that Hannah in the audio cassette appeals to the attention of her listeners.
The book gives the reader a second chance. Take your time to read her story.

2. Referring to the story, people talk about the “butterfly effect”, the phenomenon for which small actions can generate a hurricane.

The time of reading resizes the emotional wave which inevitably arises when you see an episode behind each other ( in only one night I saw 4 episode in a row God save Netflix!)

3. We’ve all been Clay or Jessica or Alex in our adolescence, to name a few, or maybe all three at different times without realizing it.

Reading black on white creates a new awareness of the importance of actions and words, even those that seem more insignificant.

4. If you are listening to me you have arrived too late.

Hannah’s story reminds us how important it is to “give time in time”.

A book is never just a book and knowing that it can be read by today’s teenagers but especially yesterday and tomorrow’s one gives hope for the use we will make of certain stories.

5. No, maybe Thirteen Reasons Why is not the TV series that I wanted to see in my 16 but certainly the book I wanted to read, because it is more similar to a diary, more faithful to my teenage ego.

6. To those who say “is useless to read it because I already know how it ends” I want just to remember that Thirteen Reasons Why is not a real thriller.

We already know that Hannah has died by suicide, so there are no killers to figure out, and yet we have been watched it.

7. What came first? The book or the TV series? This time I have no doubt.

Too many possible reflections but Clay’s sensitivity and obstinacy hit me.

He’s right, we should better take care of each other,

because we can not change the past but we can still take care of the present and the future.

Reading time
Seven nights


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