Aspettaevedrai handmade ceramic jewels.

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25 January 2017



by Sara Cartelli

Each object has a purpose. Is born for a purpose and is used for that purpose. We use it for a longer or shorter period of time and then, inevitably, we throw it or we put it in the attic. This is what generally we all do, more or less. I remember my grandmother. My grandmother threw away everything “according to her” she could not fix. I’m talking about pierced sweaters sewn over again, while the poor chipped dishes ended inexorably into the trash. This is because she didn’t know Sara Arduini, Aspettaevedrai. Because if she had known her, those dishes would never have thrown in the trash. They would be donated.

Sara does one of those things that might seem strange until you see them. She transform old broken pottery in jewelry.

Aspettaevedrai gioielli

Namely, she take an old pot and thanks to her skilful manual work she make an elegant and discreet pendant of a necklace or a pair of retro charm earrings. All is finished with a thin edge in silver metal alloy and, in the case of necklaces, accompanied by chains produced in Italy in compliance with standards and totally hypoallergenic.

Why strange? Because very few people, I think, could ever have remotely imagined what she does.

If there were no fishes you could imagine them?

Sang the single Other Forms of Life by Italian band Bluvertigo.

“If there were no Aspettaevedrai jewels you could imagine them?”

Tell the truth. I don’t think so. And that is why they are so fascinating. Hers, is an original idea, ethical and absolutely wonderful. Because in a world of clones of clones (also in the handmade world) is nice to know that you can rest your eyes on something else.

Aspettaevedrai gioielli handmade in ceramica.

In addition to ceramics, Sara reuses even broken glass, steel washers typical of the industrial production and sometimes lace, drops and chandelier prisms.

All materials capable of telling a story.

In this month dedicated to the come back could not be anything more beautiful and fitting of those who, with their work, can give new life to objects that only apparently have ended their life cycle. Of those who manage to get them “back” in a new guise.

Sara Arduini, Aspettaevedrai, jewelry await you on Etsy and if you want to know more I invite you to take a peek at her website and her blog.



I gioielli in ceramica riciclata di Sara Arduini, Aspettaevedrai.

I gioielli in ceramica riciclata di Sara Arduini, Aspettaevedrai.

I gioielli in ceramica riciclata di Sara Arduini, Aspettaevedrai.

The Eat Culture - I gioielli in ceramica riciclata di Sara Arduini, Aspettaevedrai.

Image courtesy Sara Arduini, Aspettaevedrai


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