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dentro la Barcellona più autentica: il Bar Leo

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13 June 2019

eat, travel, laugh

Inside the most authentic Barceloneta: the Bar Leo

by The Rolling Forks

Today we bring you to a magical place, a place that smells of travel, discovery, home, flavors, family and, at the same time, new people.
We are in the most authentic Barceloneta: at the Bar Leo (Carrer Sant Carles, 34), where the bustle of people does not stop except for a few hours at night.

Leo is the owner of the tapas bar and her clients are treated like friends. This place of passage and pilgrimage is popular among the real natives who are delighted by Leo’s Spanish tapas accompanied by music, beer and family conversations.

The kitsch interiors are dedicated essentially to Bambino (singer of Flamenco). Music can be heard from the jukebox or live after 5pm, typically and exclusively Iberian style!

It is to be noted that the tapas bar is located nearby the beach … in short, the charm of real places, ROCK N’ROLL marinero at 100% where the authenticity is assured. We don’t ask for better !.

The beer is fresh enough and the food tells 60 years of history and love.

Spanish tortilla, anchovies with olives, shrimps with salt, pan con tomate (tomato), jamon iberico, fried octopus, pimiento del padron (roasted green peppers served with coarse salt), mixed fried (try cod and cheese), patatas bravas with aljoli sauce (of course not recommended if you plan to kiss someone), cheese boards and much more.

Try the so-called “bombas” of meat: huge soft and delicious meatballs, a kind of arancino stuffed with potatoes seasoned with mayonnaise and spicy sauce (not for picky!).

To resume, dishes far from being light but with unbeatable flavors, worthy of a Spanish grandmother!

An institution! Muchas gracias Leo. You entered into our hearts.

Mandatory stop if you are passing through Barcelona. You will not be disappointed!

Gli interni del Bar Leo nella Barceloneta

Il Bar Leo nella Barceloneta


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