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22 March 2017



by Sara Cartelli

It’s difficult to put into words a television series like The Young Pope. For many reasons. It is a complex series, full of facets.

I’m not here to tell you its story, and far be it from me to do so, internet is full of spoilers. But know that in The Young Pope’s words have power. And inside those words it ends up that,  sooner or later, you find yourself. Some or most of them look like us.

And it is all here its complexity, in the choice of wanting to describe the language through simple concepts such as love, life, faith. Concepts that we tend to complicate by millions of conjecture. What are we? What is better to be? Questions whose answers crash in the blunt words said in his final speech by Lenny Belardo

it does not matter.

Where there’s no words come images. Art.

Because is this The Young Pope, living art. The cinematographic work is itself art, there is poetry in the visual story, in detail, in the space in which this unconventional and revolutionary pope moves. But inside, there are lots of references (and it’s something Sorrentino really loves), which are inserted since the opening. Opening in which we find the works of innovative and shocking artists to the same extent of the pope proposed by Sorrentino, like Caravaggio, Francisco Hayez or Maurizio Cattelan, accompanied by the music of another “sacred monster” – Bob Dylan, made famous by the “rock messiah” Jimi Hendrix and reinterpreted for the occasion by Devlin: All Along the Watchtower.

It’s nice to see how art carries art. Painting, cinema, photography, music, poetry… they intertwine, they sought, they even complement each other. In and out of this television series. This is why, today, I decided to show you how 10 artists have interpreted in their own way The Young Pope.

Everyone has seen in Lenny Belardo something different. Everyone has told this story from a different perspective. Everyone has contributed to a new vision of this crazy and ingenious pope.

You just have to watch, appreciate, rejoice. Judge “it does not matter.”

The Young Pope fan art

Movie poster by Federico Mauro

The Young Pope fan art

Movie poster by Federico Mauro

The Young Pope - fan art by Sophia Miroedova

“Fan art” by Sophia Miroedova

The Young Pope - locandina Shaun Lawley

Movie poster by Shaun Lawley

The Young Pope - Conceptual art by Dan Gonzales

Conceptual art by Dan Gonzales

The Young Pope art by Andrew Ahern

Poster by Andrew Ahern

The Young Pope - locandina Malika Favre

Movie poster by Malika Favre

The Young Pope - locandina Ikko Tanaka

Movie poster by Ikko Tanaka

The Young Pope by Aleksander Walijewski

Movie poster by Aleksander Walijewski

The Young Pope by Tibor Lovas

Movie poster by Tibor Lovas



Cover image – movie poster by Olga Rigkova


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