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Ernesto Anderle graphic novel Vincent Van Love

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16 September 2019

the book on the nightstand

Vincent Van Love. A story in pictures of Vincent’s inner world

by Ramona Lucarelli

In Italy many already know him as Roby il pettirosso, for me he is Ernesto Anderle author of the graphic novel dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh:

Vincent Van Love

When you think that everything has been more or less already experienced, when seems there is still not much that art can show to amaze you, I find a real talent like Ernesto Anderle.

The author of Vincent Van Love is an amazing illustrator who puts all his passions into his art.

As a robin he illustrates famous songs passing from italian singers De Andrè to Guccini, poetic excerpts of music translated into images in a truly personal style (follow him as Roby il pettirosso on Fb and Instagram).

With pastel colors and a quick graphic line the illustrator gives shape to illustrations that disclose the thoughts of those the author has esteemed and appreciated.

It is he himself who speaks of gratitude to the subjects chosen for his graphic art: De Andrè, Guccini, Dalla, De Gregori but also Piero and Alberto Angela are for him as fathers because

often a song or a painting brings advice and pushes you to make decisions.

Anderle transforms into vignettes protagonists of the present and the past through a quote or a piece of song, but perhaps is his ability to choose words that can universally touch the heart’s strings that moves you.

And it is through this magical choice that Vincent Van Love is born. Anderle wants to focus on the man Vincent, hungry for love, friendship and art. A man cannot fail to be fragile but the author decides to tell through the words of the letters addressed to his brother Theo.

Now that I’m alone again, I feel the emptiness of my house so clearly. It is not easy to replace a man like Vincent.

The result? A story in pictures of Vincent’s inner world that does not need to be chronological to be understood, or to be told exclusively through art – even if necessary – to be heard and shared.

The delicate and colorful illustrations by Ernesto Anderle narrate Vincent sometimes on a full page, when they show the inner world, others in a comics mode to tell it through direct speech.

Vincent Van Love is a book dedicated to all those who love the Dutch artist, to those who dream through art and to those who want to hold a precious book in its form and content.

In a painting I would like to say something comforting as the music says Vincent Van Gogh, I think he succeeded.

Thanks to the italian publisher Becco Giallo for giving voice and look to so much beauty and thanks to my goddaughter, Anna, that when she decides to give me a gift, she draws from what fascinates me most: art and books.

Vincent Van Love Recensione

Tempo di Lettura

a night with Vincent Van Love

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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