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3 June 2019

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Wandering horizons

by Ramona Lucarelli

How many times we have been told the important thing is not the destination but the journey.

We are the measure of the journey.

The word travel would reminds us that all that really matters is what we carry with us. The journey has little to do with the kilometers traveled, on the other hand we also travel as if we were still, with the mind, with the eyes, with the heart. Instead it has a lot to do with what we are willing to give of ourselves to the world:

“it is true that to be able to see what we are we must move away and then look at each other from a distance.”

Our life is a journey.

We come into the world to be born, we go astray when we are wrong, we take a crush when we fall in love, we find ourselves at a crossroads when we are about to make a choice. We make the strongest and most meaningful experiences without medium of transport, without gasoline, without suitcases but with ourselves: arms, hands, legs, feet, mouth, eyes with which we can travel.

What are your wandering horizons?

We are waiting for your destinations at the hashtag #orizzontierranti and as Italian singer Cesare (Cremonini) would say, good trip, be it a going or a return

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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She is an art historian, optimistic and empathic by nature. She imagines a world where sow kindness enjoying the little things. She's in love with stories since she was a child, for the Eat Culture she eats books and arts. Per aspera ad astra says the only tattoo on her skin. It reminds her that the road that leads to her dreams is not always easy but that she never gives up.

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