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10 October 2019

eat, travel, laugh

Words by the sea – Chiringuito Pirata, Tenerife

by The Rolling Forks

A blackboard on which every day a different phrase written in chalk is shown evoking deep reflections. Just nearby the sea.

This is Chiringuito Pirata.

We are in Tenerife, near Medano, with a view on the Roja mountain and the Atlantic Ocean, allowing the see sight to get lost. In this part of the island the wind never stops and you can admire many kites flying, all accompanied by relaxing music in the background.

The team that runs the Chiringuito is young and friendly but especially very careful to not leave you without a beer (Otra caña chicos?).

We were welcomed as friends right away and enthusiastic to be amazed by a little bar on the seashore with an amazing cheviche, with a tender octopus salad, soft goat cheese, pan with tomato that has nothing to envy to our bruschettas, a really rich paella that showed us the generosity of these guys! Try the pimientos del padron (the equivalent of our frigitelli but grilled with the coarse salt above) and the tortilla, high enough to make every single taste papilla happy.

Noteworthy are the cocktails prepared with great art and love; here, yes, they know how to make a real caipirinha!

We still feel the strong smell of the wind and the ocean… this is one of those magical places that can help ti cheer up the soul and where one beer pulls the other.


If traveling to Tenerife, try it, you will want to spend every day in our beloved Chiringuito Pirata!

Chiringuito Pirata Tenerife

Chiringuito Pirata tenerife vista

Photos: Chiringuito Pirata via Facebook


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