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14 February 2019

In Paris, the city of love, to savour a handmade pasta by Giovanni Passerini.

by The Rolling Forks

What’s more romantic than an handmade pasta prepared in a first-class pasta factory in the most beautiful city of love in the World?

The story of Passerini is very romantic itself: a young man graduated in business administration who moved to Paris to conquer French cuisine with his Italian touch and who in 2016 won the award of best chef of France! 

The goal of the restaurant is to pay attention to essentials, to return to good food well prepared, so that the client falls in love with the plate.

Definitely possible with Passerini!

Personally, here, I ate the best pasta of my life and every bite was a taste bud orgasm, something explosive and powerful that I’ve never tried before.

The restaurant furniture is vintage, the open kitchen is placed in a bright nave with refined architectural lines and Art Deco chandeliers.

The kitchen is essential, immediate, frank, made of hearty dishes with a special focus on our beloved pasta.

The menu always changes embracing seasonal dishes. Some examples? Gragnano paccheri pasta with duck sauce, spaghetti with Sicilian pistachio pesto, ravioli stuffed with stracchino cheese and potatoes with truffles and broad beans, spaghetti with crab, and much more. Even the main dishes are extraordinary.

We had home-made pasta with chickpeas cooked in a fish broth and fresh crustaceans. It was amazing! We continued with a simple rumble served on a bed of vegetables, extremely delicate and perfect in its texture.

To resume, a symposium of emotions and flavors released by dishes perfectly designed and balanced at absolutely affordable prices (of course, the price can raise a bit depending on the wine you choose).

The choice of wines is very wide, just think that on Saturday night the restaurant becomes a wine shop and you can taste excellent wines accompanied by sublime finger food!

Needless to say, here (Rue Traversière 65- Paris) the reservation is more than mandatory, especially for a romantic “dîner en tête à tête”!

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Photos: Sara Cartelli


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