Eat Culture means everything and means nothing. Eat Culture hates classifications. The classifications of any kind undermine individual freedom and restrict the field of action. You can define us as you want, but please, do not put us in any type of category.


Eat Culture firmely believes that culture should not be eaten, but banqueted. Culture is life, culture is heritage, culture is beyond time and space, you just have to let yourself wonder.


Eat Culture promotes talented people who, thanks to their creativity, make the world more beautiful. No matter whether they are artists, craftspeople, designers, musicians, actors or writers. In the same way, Eat Culture categorically refuses to celebrate the nothing, in any form and by any medium.


Eat Culture does not follow digital influencers or trends. The members of the Eat Culture are architects of their own fate, they express their personality according to their taste and their choice. Because draw inspiration from things is cool, plagiarized is not.


Eat Culture loves hands. Rough hands, hands that do not care about the manicure, hands linked to heads alive and thoughtful. Those hands that are able to create as much unique items as delicious dishes, to enjoy with all the senses.


Eat Culture believes in untold stories, those beautiful stories, of real life, that usually do not crowd the covers of newspapers.


Eat Culture believes that in our world, dominated by selfie and speed, is lacking the ability to use our imagination. This is not a snobbish concept, Eat Culture rejects snobbery. It’s a matter of waiting and discovery. Discover means knowing, discover equals fall in love.


Eat Culture believes in unspoken words and silences that are worth a thousand words. The Eat Culture members love to think when they speak. Verbal violence is not allowed neither granted free. The respectful comparison, absolutely yes. Diversity is one of the great beauties of the human being, we can’t waste it trying to convert others to our own way of thinking.


Eat Culture loves the little things. Stargazing, reading a good book, take a walk in the mountains, swimming in the blue expanses, go to an exhibition, enjoy live music, watch a movie or eating with relish after cooking an entire afternoon. Little things that may seem unexciting, but that actually give you the possibility to enrich yourself, if you allow them.

Culture. Eat it.



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