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28 November 2017


The scent

by Valentina De Simone

Most of the people are used to wear their favourite scent dressed and ready to get out.
I’ve been always used to wear my parfume while I’m still undressed, then the air all arounfd become feminine and warm as only a Chanel could be, that’s the reason why I’ve choosen Gabrielle though it’s not my favourite parfume.

My favourite scent stay in the scarfs, lives on the apparel, obsesses the sheets.

It travels from the other side of the world through a single message, sleeps my my dreams, angouishes my nostrils, sings as a cryptical mermaid taking me places I’ve never been.

I look for it as the insane looks for his mind in the moment of truth which stops his madness. I search for it everywhere: in each place, in each dream, at each time and I always find it where the world collapse in a magnificent disaster.

Is it a rebellion against a society who wants you to be fast and never appreciate trying to own the scent of a great love forever?

My favourite scent has to be tamed without force, using vanilla bourbon with care, excited by the myrrh, matured with the incense.
But to do it you have to give up to posses it.


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Valentina De Simone


Community Manager with a passion for sociology, I've lived for six years between Padua and Milan. Once I wrote an odd theory on Mathematics, on a Mathematics task. I took zero and the professor told me that I had to find an outlet for my too much imagination, if I wanted to live in the real world. I bought a notepad and began to write to him everything that was going through my head, so love for writing was born, love for expression.

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