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21 June 2017


13 good reasons why a 30-year-something should look 13 (Thirteen Reasons Why).

by Sara Cartelli

I heard “rubbish”. I heard “masterpiece”. I have read it out. I have watched it. And, finally, at the last damn audio tape I decided that 13, Thirteen Reasons Why, is a series to see.

It is not a masterpiece, an excellent or revolutionary work from a photographic, scenographic or filmic point of view. But it’s a nice tv series, well structured. Raptures you (also if sometimes it’s a bit slow), it makes you think, sometimes makes you piss off and even dreams. And I say this because I’m in my 30s, because if I was 15 years old, I’m sure it would become the lifetime series. And if you haven’t watch Thirteen Reasons Why yet, watch it.

Why? It easy to said.
  1. To be able to come back with your mind at the time when you wore tee and say: “Fortunately I came out unscathed.”
  2. Because it deals with delicate issues with sensitivity and realism, without falling into pietism. You know from the beginning what is Hannah’s choice but you do not judge her.
  3. Because all of us at least once in our lives have been Hannah Baker. At least, I’ve been. There were times when everything seemed to collapse me, where life seemed meaningless, relationships unnecessary, out of strain. There have been moments (few lucky) in which I thought: what if I do not care to anyone if I do not mind?
  4. Because what you see out is not always what happens inside. Hannah was judged on false basis, rumors and gossip.
  5. Because it is useless keep burying our head under the sand whenever we talk about suicide. It exists, it has always existed. But people must be helped, not judged. Discuss about it is the real solution. (It’s not always harder to live) Living wasn’t always the harder choice
  6. Why, in 2017, there is still someone who thinks that if you are raped you asked for it.
  7. Because we all had an asshole friend. And being betrayed by a friend is far worse than being betrayed by our partner. It undermine the trust we place in people and in ourselves.
  8. Because Clay is the good guy we all snapped (and then regretted) to go with an asshole that dumped us after a week or chet on us as soon as we turned the corner.
  9. To could write the list of coolest guy as in Dawson’s Creek times. Better Alex, Justin or Clay? (Just to be clear, however, with Pacey there is no competition).
  10. To realize how lucky we were to have present and strict parents, who did not send you to the psychologist after the slightest problem or did not exclaim “Don’t use drugs!” when going out to party at night.
  11. To dust down the old walkman and check if it still works.
  12. Because the soundtrack is a real doozy. Does Joy Division say anything to you?
  13. Because 13 is on Netflix and on Netflix there is also Sense8, a pearl in the series world (of seriality), that has to be watched, and the American giant decided to cancel it. Okay, this has nothing to do with 13. But anyway, I try: please Netflix, #bringbacksense8.


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