Read how it sounds: Three imaginary boys – The Cure

Arancione. Smoothie all'arancia con carota, zenzero e curcuma che vuole bene alla tua gola.

Winter in watercolours
Shades of grey
Something, something holds me
Holds me hypnotized

Another Day

Sometimes a band needs a whole career to define itself. Sometimes few verses are enough. You’re in your car, you change the station on the radio and suddenly you feel at home. You probably do not remember the title or the album, who cares, you know exactly who you are listening to. So, with The Cure, no hesitation, the sound and the voice of Robert Smith take you to a border space where reality and imagination come together, where time stops and stories born in the mirror.

Slowly fading blue
the eastern hollows
catch the dying sun
the nighttime follows
silence and black
mirror pool
Mirrors the lonely place
where I meet you

Fire in Cairo

The ability to create suggestions through images and sounds is one of the band’s major trademarks and is clearly perceived immediately, even in their first album Three Imaginary Boys.
Published on May 8, 1979 received unanimous approval and enthusiastic critiques despite Robert Smith has always strongly criticized it. His frustration was mainly due to the fact that he was not able to give the album the musical identity he wanted (which then happened on the following records), moreover he hated the cover artwork. A vacuum cleaner, a fridge and a lamp portrayed on a pink background: the figurative representation of Robert Smith, Lol Tolhurst, and Michael Dempsey, the three imaginary boys.

Scared of what the morning brings
waiting for tomorrow
never comes
Deep inside
the empty feeling
All the night time leaves me
Three imaginary boys

Three Imaginary Boys

The stylus rests on a pink disk, but the colors inside are many more. There is the black of darkness, the blue of depression, the red of fire, the yellow of the sun rising in the morning. You just have to listen to it and let yourself be enveloped by every nuance. Seated, free, alone.

No sound
No people
No clocks
No people
No fine
No people
No me
No people

Grinding Halt

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Read how it sounds: Three imaginary boys – The Cure

Winter in watercolours Shades of grey Something, something holds me Holds me...
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