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Paris up, up and away

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18 December 2016



by Ramona Lucarelli

The streets of Paris are sorrounded by a starry night, that lights up the city.
But something isn’t lining up, there’s something wrong:
The Eiffel Tower is gone!
Try to look at the sky with the nose up: in the wonderful world of Hélène Druvert where there are not only people boring
I promise you this will be a fantastic story!

On the nightstand this week there is a mirabilia!

The illustrated book, of which I am going to talk you about, is a feast for the eyes. It’s born from the skill and passion of the french illustrator – Hélène Duvret – that, in a story made up mostly of images and short texts in rhyme, decides to give wings to the famous monument of France going along with the desire to know its city; because if it’s true that in Paris there are a lot of things to do, it wants to tell us! In a dance of blacks and whites spaces magically alternating day and night, light and darkness; perforated pages from a painstaking job frame and hide rhymes, conceal details and lead us in the most spectacular imaginary journey.
This work of art don’t need so many colors to express itself, but in the gaze of those who will lay eyes on it you can read a kaleidoscope of emotions. To browse alone or together with your children or grandchildren, it should be handled with care, with the same delicacy that it does not fail to the author’s hands and that we can find in an original Christmas gift.

Here, in its English version, Paris up, up and away speaks an universal language, the language of beauty.

Paris up, up and away

Paris up, up and away

Paris up, up and away

Ph. Sara Cartelli
© The Eat Culture

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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