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La grande fabbrica delle parole, Agnes de Lestrade e Valeria Docampo

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6 March 2017


The book on the nightstand: The big word factory

by Ramona Lucarelli

Today I bring you into the land of The big word factory, a country where people speak little because words, to be spoken, must be bought and swallowed.
And guess what?

There are words more expensive than others. Often they aren’t spoken, unless someone is very rich,

and not many people are.

Imagine just for a moment that words which you care about the most, that often barely whispered, were out of your reach. Imagine how it would be difficult to express opinions, share feelings and how all this would you feel alone. The words links but we rarely realize how important they are, if not when we are deprived of it. In this imaginary country, people rummage in the garbage looking for the words that someone else throws away carelessly; people wait for spring to buy a few words in discount, and kids play with butterflies catcher just to capture some who flies free in the sky.

In the country where I live, I would be rich in words that have a weight to anyone.

Someone who is able to remember what he says, especially when he gets angry, someone who really recognize love in a statement and not a distracted listening to a litany of sounds.

With this modern fairy tale Agnes de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo speak to children and adults of the value of words and gestures that in replacing them take charge of a valuable significance. They talk about how sometimes you use big words too easily that you do not know the true feelings, as happens to Oscars in an attempt to win Cybelle, the sweet little girl dressed in the color of cherry with whose also Phileas is in love with.

Philéas soon finds that to say “I love you” you can use many other special words like … read it to find out!


Reading time: the tale of a night

The big word factory, Agnes de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo

The big word factory, Agnes de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo

Ph. Sara Cartelli
© The Eat Culture

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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