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Il libro sul comodino: Un Leone dentro

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5 June 2017


The book on the nightstand: The lion inside

by Ramona Lucarelli

Outward and inner appearance do not always fit as we would like.

It will be surprising to find out, however, you don’t have to own all the qualities to live happily, and to do this I’ll tell you the story of the little brown mouse in the book:

The lion inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field

You can feel a lion and look like an helpless little mouse and you can harbour inside yourself the greatest of fears while you appear proud and confident.

It’s the story of everybody life, I would say of everyone, because there is always something that we would change, which we would gladly do or hide from others.

In the talent factory, it often happens that we are not the first we’re able to appreciate and so it happens to be underreted, in the worst case ignored or, contrarily, we only show to others what we want.

At the beginning, the story of the mouse would seem a difficult life, but unexpectedly he finds the courage to ask the lion, who admires its strength and pride, to teach him what he can do better: roar.

It will be amazing to find out what unexpected fragility hides behind the king of savannah.

In the end, all that matters is not being lion or mouse but knowing that if we need we would be one or the other, and that the greatest strength resides in our ability to know how to change according to what we will encounter in our lives.

Knowing how to change without changing is the biggest challenge!


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A night as a lion

Un leone dentro

Il libro sul comodino: Un Leone dentro

Ph. Sara Cartelli
© The Eat Culture

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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She is an art historian, optimistic and empathic by nature. She imagines a world where sow kindness enjoying the little things. She's in love with stories since she was a child, for the Eat Culture she eats books and arts. Per aspera ad astra says the only tattoo on her skin. It reminds her that the road that leads to her dreams is not always easy but that she never gives up.

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