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Orgoglio e Pregiudizio - Jane Austen

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18 April 2017


The book on the nightstand: Pride and prejudice

by Ramona Lucarelli

There are stories that do not need huge presentations. They survived the passage of time and for that reason they have earned a place of honor among the great classics; although sometimes this recognition may lose their attractiveness as do those books for which you know the epilogue. If, however, a story rather than changing role, or cover, changed voice the matter gets different.

Karen Savage read for all fans of Jane Austen the flagship of her production: Pride and Prejudice.

Can a reader find satisfying the listening of a novel? Can you become attached to an history in the absence of the object book? Before listening to this audiobook my answer would be no, but in fact there are always exceptions.
I was infected by one of my library of confidence. Elisa doesn’t get excited easily but if you had heard her talking about it you would be run off to buy the audiobook of Pride and prejudice.

Karen Savage is Elizabeth Bennet, Darcy, Jane, Mr Bingley, Lydia, Mary, Mr & Mrs Bennet. Her voice is a chorus, a plurality of sounds that can hypnotize you, to get you imagine with the alternation of tones the vivid characters, the nuances of personality, even the faces of the characters. Before now I had never thought about how it could be magical listening to a novel: there is need for silence, concentration and desire to listening to others. In short, in the absence of a book to be holding in your hands your hearing should be subtle.

At times like this I feel the absence such a wealth, the opportunity to live an experience, such as the reading, in a different way.

Not reading, but listening.

It is still a voice, not of the mind but of the heart, the same heart that someone lends to tell a story and excite you again, because a great classic like Pride and Prejudice can be read, read back, heard and read, read back and listened again.


Listening time
about 12 hours (do not get scared, they will fly)

Orgoglio e Pregiudizio - Jane Austen

Orgoglio e Pregiudizio - Jane Austen

Ph. Sara Cartelli
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