Atelier Karasinski Vienna

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22 February 2017



by Sara Cartelli

If Fridolin and his future self Bill Harford should meet, where they would meet?
Almost certainly in the apartment-studio of Laura Karasinski.

Fridolin, my dear Fridolin.

I never pissed off so much reading a book. More I read the more I pissed off, more I pissed off the more I read. Obviously at Fridolin. It wasn’t enough the name that sounds like a jack ass, no. Fridolin is the man in whom all, at least once in life, we had the misfortune to come across. The one who makes you believe to be free but actually binds you, the one that runs after the skirts of any woman, who seeks in the naivety of childhood his elixir of youth. And it is this familiarity that makes it detestable.

We’ve seen Eyes Wide Shut, we saw Tom Cruise (in the film called Bill Harford – not Fridolin), and as we well know, we forgiven because it was Tom Cruise. And also because Tom / Bill, fortunately, is just the top of the iceberg Fridolin.

That’s the beauty (or ugliness for some) of cinema. Turns the tables by filing off the personalities of the characters, weaving new plots, imagining new places.

So happens that Dr. Fridolin name changes, he no longer lives in Vienna in 1920, but in New York in the late ’90s, and is married to Alice instead of Albertine. Or that the password to access the costume party jumps from “Denmark” to “Fidelio”.

It so happens that I, today, lead you in the Schnitzler Vienna in a studio apartment where the protagonists are vintage furniture, coming from different parts of the world and about each decade of the last century, bringing together virtually Fridolin and his ego of the future Bill as in a hypothetical crossover.

At the atelier Karasinski they definitely feel both at ease and maybe could argue over which of them looks more idiot in the eyes of women who read/look them.

Fridolin will surely appreciate the tables by Egon Eiermann, the cupboard from industrial design and the big decorated mirror. He will also find bizarre the black painted ceiling.

Bill on the other hand, will relax on the comfortable sofa or read a newspaper sitting on the Eames Plastic Chair by Vitra and certainly, it would be enchanted by the photos on the walls.

Both would live this little monkey as a bad omen.

Atelier Karasinski Vienna

Surely, being two flirts, they would try unsuccessfully to contend the beautiful Laura Karasinski. And at the end, feeling guilty, they would report every detail to their wives wondering: it’s just a dream?

They already know the answer:

No dream is ever just a dream.

Atelier Karasinski Vienna

Atelier Karasinski Vienna

Atelier Karasinski Vienna

Atelier Karasinski Vienna

Atelier Karasinski Vienna

Atelier Karasinski Vienna

Atelier Karasinski Vienna

Atelier Karasinski Vienna

Images via: atelierkarasinski.com


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