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11 July 2018


Australia – A house by the sea where you can breathe deeply the scent of summer

by Sara Cartelli

Living in a beach house, being close to nature. This beautiful villa facing onto the sea located in Jan Juc, Australia, was built to give those who live in the feeling of being outdoors while being in a closed place.

All credit goes to the Doherty Design Studio, which has created an amazing project not only from an architectural point of view but also in terms of sustainability, using only renewable resources with a low environmental impact.

Even the interiors fully respect this spirit. There is a strong prevalence of natural and recycled materials accompanied by a palette of neutral colors such as white and pale gray. The furnishings, discreet and contained, are characterized by essential lines and full and empty games, which give the space a decidedly airy and serene atmosphere.

Here, if only I could, I would gladly spend my all summer. Me, my computer and the sea. Nothing else. Ok is just a dream, but dreaming does not cost anything.


Immagini via Doherty Design Studio
Ph. Gorta Yuuki


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