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11 February 2019


From Frida with love. The heart of a woman, a lover, a sister, a militant politician

by Ramona Lucarelli

Writing love letters is a courageous act, is baring your soul. You open your heart for someone else to look inside. That’s where words come from, ready to be appreciated, caressed, remembered and sometimes even reproached, mocked.

Letters from Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo wrote numerous letters, among the recipients first and great loves, beloved sisters and nephews. From Frida with love is a small collection of her unpublished letters edited by Diego Sileo.

How was Frida? We wanted to decipher the painting, enter into her life, discover her loves, unveil her nature … what else is left to know?

The letters here collected want to show her heart. The heart of a woman, a lover, a sister, an aunt, a militant politician.

Diego Sileo writes that the Mexican can be studied even only through what she wrote. Her words, a bit like paintings, seem not to have suffered censorship, premeditation or filters; she wrote a lot and in different periods of life allowing us to understand her deeply.

Those you read will be private letters, traces of love and friendships.

Frieda, Friduchita, Friedushka, Fridu. Among the words emerge sides of Frida unknown to painting or public appearances.


Answer me, answer me, answer me, answer me, answer me, answer me REPLY AND SEND ME A KISS.


Please do not say you will not come because it would be like saying you do not love me anymore.


New year, new life, your girlfriend this year will not be a skinny “scruffy”, but how much better and more sweet you have known, because you eat her with kisses.

From Frida with love collects letters dedicated to a young and secret juvenile love Miguel N. Lira, her “hermanito Chong Lee”, so called for his passion for Chinese culture; to the historic fiancé Alejandro Gomez Arias, that “Alex de mi vida”, to mate Marte R. Gomez Segura and to her niece Isolda.

There is no trace of Diego, perhaps because he was the love that she could only live.

She chose to give her life to Diego, rather than her words.


Tempo di Lettura

One letter a day From Frida with love

Photos: Sara Cartelli


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