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The BFG of Roald Dahl.

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16 January 2017


The book on the nightstand: The BFG by Roald Dahl

by Ramona Lucarelli

Welcome 2017, a year of great comebacks!

I like to come back. There is something comforting in the idea of coming back, it must have to do with the sense of belonging. It is as if until someone or something await us the journey make sense. Get back is a bit like starting but with a hint of more experience.

It is also true that not only people come back, more often are memories to resurface, and they also know how to be powerful. A memory just wrap you and take you to someplace far away, as I will try to do today. Like a time machine I will catapult in 1987 when the story of Sofia was written. The Hour of Shadows has just fallen on the sleepless night of the little orphan, when from the window you see something big and dark: the Big Friendly Giant, The BFG of Roald Dahl.

At least once, when we where kids, we feel like ‘Sofia: sleepless nights in feverish waiting for something to happen, for example that the sun rise because tired of staying in bed. That’s how Sofia meets the Dream Catcher, that sweet and caring giant with a funny language, whose job is to collect the dreams and then to blow them with his trumpet in the rooms of the sleeping children. The BFG is a special character: it reminds us that the appearance does not matter because we are what we do and he gives magical nights; we can distinguish ourselves, in fact he unlike other giant eats “snozzcumbers” and not humans; friendship is possible when there are no limits and barriers not because necessarily similar.

Dahl’s book is a classic of children’s literature and like all classics are destined to come back, or maybe never leave. Now you can find it also at the cinema but if you read to your children every night a few pages of this wonder you can easily bring it to your home.


Reading time: every night for a week

GGG di Rohal Dahl

GGG di Rohal Dahl

Ph. Sara Cartelli
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