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Fitzgerald - Il Grande Gatsby

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17 July 2017


The book on the nightstand: The great Gatsby

by Ramona Lucarelli

Once again to Zelda.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald dedicates The great Gatsby to his love, Zelda.

A total love, sometimes tragic, overwhelming, that will make her say I do not want to live, I want to love first and live incidentally.

So Zelda will love Francis.

The Fitzgerald gave birth to

the great legend of the beautiful couple, heroine, symbol and interpreter of all sophisticated jazz age performances.

These are the 1920s. Years of excess, luxury, worldliness.
The great Gatsby is the story of the American dream, of transgression in the age of prohibition.

It’s a love story, it’s, in a way, the story of Francis and Zelda.

Nick Carraway tells us about the course of events. He’s a trader just moved to West Egg, the city where his cousin Daisy Fay Buchanan lives.

Nick lives next to Jay Gatsby’s gorgeous villa. There are eccentric parties, where every night Jay waits for the arrival of his dream: Daisy.

She spends her holidays together with her husband in the house on the opposite shore, the same house Jay observes from the jetty, mesmerized by the green light of the lighthouse, green as the hope of having her back.

Is really the love to move all his actions?

The sole purpose of Gatsby is to remind Daisy that he has never stopped loving her although she, after promising eternal love, has married Tom Buchanan, a pole champion, when he left for the Front.

After five years “the past can not be repeated” but Gatsby goes on.

He persists in the realization of his dream. He continues to love Daisy.

Gatsby believes in green light.

There are novels that could not be set in any other season.

Fitzgerald’s summer is made of blood, love and madness, it is the summer of the great American dream illusion.

And if “summer was a character” it would surely be The Great Gatsby.


Reading time
Some hot summer evenings

Fitzgerald - Il Grande Gatsby

Fitzgerald - Il Grande Gatsby

Ph. Sara Cartelli
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