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23 November 2016


We are more than that we show on social network? Tristan Pigott and the art of reflection

by Sara Cartelli

We spend our lives like the weight lifters.
At the mirror looking at our bulging muscles. And loving it.
Just browse through our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter walls.
Inside them there are only the images that everyone wants to project of himself.
That’s not fake, not always, and at the same time it’s not true, it’s simply an exaggerated reflection of what we are or we want to be.

The misunderstanding is not in the true or fake, but in the fact that is mistaken for reality simply remains virtuality.
People don’t distinguish the virtual from the real otherwise they would not talk in certain vulgar and crude ways, would not drink tons of hoaxes and would not serve to the world their intimacy.

If that was just what it is, if that was simply virtual, you would not find a table of people looking dazed to their mobile phone instead of talking.

The reflected image has become more real than reality.

We got lost in the great vacuum of space of the story?
Can just one like buy us?
Are we intellectually whoring for so little, really?

These are the questions that the work of Tristan Pigott raise. Oil paintings that perfectly immortalize our historical period, focusing on egotism that leads us to want consistently document our life to others.
It is playful art, satirical, deliberately provocative and sarcastic but unquestionably sobering. It is art in which, like it or not, we are reflected, because we all feel the need, at least for once, to tell our life to others.

Maybe we got lost in a reflection.

Because we are more than what we show.
Indeed, we are definitely better than what we show.
Social network took the best part of us and it’s time to take it back.
Tristan Pigott shows us that art can be able to stop and think the people.

I thank him because his work pissed me off.
He moved and shot me through the heart, and this is something that not often happens to me.
I hope he will inspire the same in you.










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