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11 January 2019


Feta salad with apricots and tahini and positive vives only.

by Kristel Cescotto

What if.
If we had been together forever.
If time was nothing but a mere illusion that runs in a circle.
An eternal return that is school, where the score on the exams is measured in love given and received.
If we could remember. If we weren’t made to forget.
If our experience is just a tear of the Good that binds us eternally, a sea of ​​moments that creates oceans. So they come and go, they break on us, they always come back looking for us. And they find us.
If we had always loved each other. If “soul mate” was not a light binomial, two words juxtaposed together like an I love you pronounced without the proper weight.

And what if we were destined to meet again for endless present? To be together everywhere, without end.
Eternally yours, eternally mine, eternally ours.
India, remote Siberian steppe, an African village, NY Upper East Side, Kerguelen Islands, a village in the south of Sicily, in a tepee in North Dakota or in a shack in the Amazon forest. From the dawn of time to who knows what night.

Every end, nothing but a new beginning.

And if there were many lives, endless time and just one Love?

Feta salad with apricots and tahini – the recipe


  • red chicory
  • white chicory
  • corn salad
  • feta cheese
  • dried apricots and figs
  • toasted pine nuts

for the dressing:

  • tahini (sesame paste)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper


  1. Prepare the sesame dressing: melt a teaspoon of tahinI in a tablespoon of oil; season with salt and pepper.
  2. Wash the vegetables and cut them into coarse pieces.
  3. Season the salad with a tahina dressing in a bowl.
  4. Dice the feta and add it to the salad; do the same with figs and apricots.
  5. Toast the pine nuts for a few moments in a non-stick pan, then add them to the feta salad. Mix, serve and enjoy it!

As you can see I have not indicated the precise amount. The doses are anathema for any respectable salad – or at least for my idea of salad.

This feta salad with apricot and tahini is the perfect “empty the fridge” salad. Post-holiday recycling recipe, healthy, light and nutritious, it is perfect to fill the leftovers of dried fruit lying desolate in gourmet baskets.
Dulcis in fundo, it makes sparks in your mouth: the bitter crunchiness of radicchio, the delicacy of salad, the enveloping fizz of feta, the sweet velvety of fruit and that I don’t know what of tahini to close the circle.

In short, you just have to try it and agree with me on how much it rocks.


Photos: Sara Cartelli


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Once upon a time there was a 30 years old girl, and she has not the slightest idea what it would be at 32: one, no one but for sure no one hundred thousand. Daughter, sister, friend, mom of a dog, woman of an amazing man. Thinker fulltime, practices the Universal Love. Always looking for which direction take to and who to be doing it. Thank God everything flows. Panta Rei. And in the end, as in a beautiful garden Bahai, she will be delighted by lighting… and she lived happily ever after.

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