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orecchini handmade di Veronica aka Serie V

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27 September 2017


Meet the maker: Serie V

by Sara Cartelli

She is young, frank, creative, cheerful and in addition she is our fan and just for this she would deserve a million hugs.
Today we present you Veronica, aka Serie Vand her small and colorful creations, fresh and spontaneous just like her.

Veronica aka Serie V e i suoi accessori

Hi Veronica! You are a super creative talent who makes jewels with a variety of materials, mainly recycled object. Tell us how your Serie V project was born?

Series V is a project born in 2013. At that time my mother, a creative person as well, made woolen handbags with a leather handle. With the leftovers of this material I started to create some small earrings. It fascinated me since the outset, so I started experimenting and realizing new forms. In the beginning I gave the things I created, then I went to the markets and now I sell in selected markets or on commission.

So, is your mom that pass down to you this passion?

It all started from a leather necklace that one day my mother saw in a boutique in the center. She liked it so much that she decided to make it her own. It was she who created the first necklace.

Which materials do you use mainly?

At the beginning I used advanced beads, practically I disassembled almost all my earrings to make others, then I started using more valuable materials such as chalcedony, quartz or Indian stones. The material I mainly use is leather, which I recover from tapestries.

How do you came up with your creations? Is something lightning-fast and suddenly, or is something more rational?

It is something totally spontaneous that leads to an urgent need to create. When I have an idea in mind I know I have to work on it immediately. It is a breath that starts from the belly and comes to the head.

What would you suggest to a creative who now looks at craftsmanship?

Definitely to persevere. If you are capable of doing something and you are comfortable with it, you need only to refine your work and take care of every particular detail. And then do not be discouraged because the results are achieved with time.

A craftsman you love?

Ilaria Piccinin of Artigianato Maleducato with her wonderful illustrations or Agnese Raimondi of Nili bags, who realizes beautiful and well cared handbags.

This month is the month of memories. Do you have a good memory to share with us?

Once, at a market in Trieste, a lady told me “if I have to give a gift I would always think about you and your creations.” It was one of the most beautiful and sincere compliments I’ve ever received, I keep it in my heart.



bracciale handmade di Veronica aka Serie V

orecchini handmade di Veronica aka Serie V

collana handmade di Veronica aka Serie V

orecchini handmade di Veronica aka Serie V

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