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28 March 2018


Shopping finds Etsy music edition

by Sara Cartelli

I’m writing this article on a strange Sunday. The clock changes tonight, I wake up with a drill that beats in my head and it should have been a sunny day but in reality is coming a storm.

In addition, this morning I woke up thinking about how presenters and soubrettes in the ’80s and some influencers today have managed to sell advertising for “advice on purchasing”. Over the years they always tried to do the same thing: influence the purchasing behavior of people. The key point is always truthfulness. But I think it’s clear when a collaboration is only for the money and when is between two motivated parties, a company that believes in what it makes and a person who in turn believes in the company’s values ​​and projects and decides to communicate them. It is not a mere matter of money, it is always right for a person to be paid for his work. It is a question of values, which are also our values ​​and here is the point. We are the ones who have to choose and cream off, also resorting to our critical judgment. We can not always suffer passively. For example, I am very happy to be influenced by someone who deals with a product or a project with the right passion, less from anybody else (but I usually notice it and I do not even calculate them).

All this just to tell you that since I am not even a VIP of the D series, my advice for purchases are totally dispassionate. Today my research has focused on you, music lovers, you musicians and singers and we (I include myself in the category) that we always wanted to play a musical instrument, but unfortunately we are deprived by God of the talent needed to do it, the sense of rhythm.

Here are my tips for music purchases. Enjoy!

01. Music paper rose – Paper Tree Uk € 23, 13
02. ROCK ON. Greeting card – Poem Press € 4,58
03. The Beatles music box – Miium € 11,85
04. T-shirt Rock Music Made Me Do It – Resilience Streetwear € 12,46
05. Freddie Mercury Poster Art – Magic Posters € 6,41
06. Personalized music journal – Brinde Crea € 9,50


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Copywriter, content creator and mum with a huge passion for photography. Writing is a therapy that allows her to express her own personality and brings out her true voice. Better than a psychiatrist. Forever trying to find her way, at the time, she prefers to get lost.

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